Are you private investors?  With us, you will gain business opportunities through our wide range of projects in which we work on behalf and in collaboration with the state, local authorities, as well as companies.

Given our expertise in supporting businesses in Senegal and our good introduction in the international business environment, SAPCO (Society for Development and Promotion of Coastal and Tourist Zones of Senegal) has given us a mandate to mobilize hotel operators, investors and promoters for its vast national project to make Senegal a major destination in Africa.
This project is part of an ambitious national tourism venture composed of four poles: Petite Côte, Casamance in the south, Delta Saloum, and the North with Saint Louis, aiming to enhance and interconnect the country's tourism diversity.

We also provide support to all hotel projects covering the various hotel concepts: Business, Business Center, Events and Conferences as well as the search for real estate establishment.