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If you are searching for suitable opportunities that match your profile,

If you are exploring emerging markets and potential trade networks,

If you are looking for quality and trustworthy prospects,

If you would like to increase your strategic potential on the long term

PAID is a dependable partner who avoid you wasting time and red tape needless. Our team of competent and professional experts will orientate and support you through all the stages of your project. The various types of support we provide are ;

  • Economic and technical support

Study of market potential

Industry and sector-based research

Benchmarking and identifying competitors

Identifying credible local partners

Negotiating with local partners

Drafting of business plans

Preparing the project proposal and applications

  • Legal support

Information about different legal status and their fiscal implications

Necessary administrative procedures to undertake

Rules governing the functioning of VAT systems, etc.

  • Financial support

Information about local banks’ capacities

Information about risk coverage or hedging


  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Partnership implementation


  • Exclusive access to our events:

Participate in our events to expand your network of contacts and create new business opportunities.

A small step from you, a giant leap for your business